Mission Statement

Maritime Training Institution
1. To cater for the ever growing demand for courses from seafarers and people connected to the industry seeking STCW 95 certification and also for those seeking to embark on a sea career.
2. To provide for additional courses and training in the field of nautical, marine engineering, port management and shipping services to supplement the present compulsory modular courses for seafarers and those related to the industry to enhance their knowledge and skills.
3. To further promote Malaysia in general and East Malaysia in particular as a center for Maritime Education and Training in the region.
4. To develop post sea certificate of competency preparatory courses in the future for seafarers seeking to upgrade their licenses.
5. To work hand in hand with Government Port and Private agencies and organizations to develop tailor made maritime, port and shipping courses which will be able to indirectly contribute to the industry as a whole.
Innatech Marine Services
1. To develop and upgrade the marine services industry in general in order to compete with other service providers in the region.
2. To provide for efficient, professional and cost effective service to the industry in the region.
3. To provide for consultancy service to people who are interested in venturing into the maritime and seafaring sector.
4. To fully utilize Labuan's strategic location and various tax incentives in attracting potential investors interested in venturing into the marine industry through collaboration with Innatech which can produce a win-win situation for both parties.
5. To work hand in hand with the various Government agencies to develop the marine industry in Labuan particularly and Malaysia in general.

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